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Welcome to bicycle shop ‘t Verzet; a not-average bicycle shop

for bicycle repair, bicycle sales,

bicycle design & coffee!

Roetz test drive day May 17 Eindhoven!

Do you not live near Amsterdam and would you like to test drive in your area? Roetz is coming to you this spring!

Visit us on Wednesday 17 May and ask everything you want to know about our circular bicycles and ebikes or our social working method. You are just welcome to come by, you don’t have to make an appointment.

We hope to see you soon at our store at Edisonstraat 152 in Eindhoven

Dwight and Kim
Rijwielhuis ‘t Verzet

Customized repairs!

It is sometimes difficult to estimate in advance what exactly needs to be done.

Our advice is therefore: “Bring your bicycle to the shop, then we will look at it together.
We go for quality and tailor-made repairs!”

Denim Run

The Denim Run, originally set up by Wing and Emiel, started out as an annual moment for cycling and denim enthusiasts to visit each other, get to know each other and share experiences with each other.

The Denim Run is the opportunity for enthusiasts to meet each other, exchange (cycling) information and discover new/cool locations! It also offers an opportunity to companies and local entrepreneurs to get acquainted with the area and its inhabitants!

We hope to be able to organize another Denim Run next year. Follow us on our social media for updates.

“A way of life”

The name “Lightrijder” originated from the idea of ​​naming bicycles that get a second life. It is now becoming a household name.

Coming up: the “Lichtrijders van ‘ t Verzet” and more Lichtrijder merchandise